RV doors and windows are like the shields that protect full-time RVers from nature. If these shields fail, then they are at the mercy of Mother Earth. So that’s why it’s a very important choice to choose the right doors and windows for their campers. But how do you choose the right ones? With this quick and easy guide. 

rv doors and windowsEverything You Need To Know About RV Doors

Not all RV doors are built the same. In fact, RVs can even have multiple doors; each with its own shape, size, and purpose. This understandably makes it tough to pick one. But the real key to RV doors is knowing what purpose they serve. That way, you eliminate much of the stress of choosing in the first place. 

Exterior Vs Interior Doors

Much of the doors on an RV are exterior ones. This includes your main access door, the escape hatch, and storage bay doors. As for the interiors, these would be the ones that separate rooms inside the vehicle (i.e. a bathroom door). 

The most important thing you have to know is that interior doors help maintain privacy inside the RV. And as an RV enthusiast, you should always remember that privacy is as precious a commodity as food and water in the wilderness. So when choosing an interior door, it’s always better to go for something that offers a good amount of soundproofing and privacy. 

As for exterior doors, it’s more straightforward. You need something with a tough outer layer that can withstand a constant battering from the elements. Lastly, you also need the door to be easily accessible from both the inside and outside. Nobody wants to get trapped inside or outside of their RV, especially outside. 

Should You Buy A Used RV Door? 

RV doors are prone to more wear and tear than the average house door. This means you’ll have to replace them in a shorter amount of time. You can go for custom-made brand new doors that fit your RV’s inherent design. Or you can go for used doors. But should you? 

In simpler terms, no. Again, wear and tear! A used door has seen better days. The money you save will likely be used to purchase another replacement when that secondhand door breaks down. It’s just not a wise financial investment. You need something that will last and can withstand tons of punishment. A used door will not give you that. 

camper doors and windowsWhat About RV Windows? 

Choosing RV windows basically follow the same criteria as discussed previously with doors. The only thing different with windows is that they’re made of glass. And when talking about choosing the right RV windows, it all depends on the glass and how it’s made. Here are the most common ones you can choose from. 

  • Fixed pane: As the name suggests, this type of window doesn’t open. This is probably the cheapest on the market, due to the relatively simple design. Most RVs will come with this type of window, alongside others that open. 
  • Sliding pane: Another basic window type, RV sliding windows open by sliding to the side. This provides a certain amount of ventilation, though you will need to have more of these if you want maximum airflow. This is because the windows can’t obviously open all the way. 
  • Awning: A window like this opens up and makes a small “roof,” aka awning. This is the best option for maximum airflow, because it opens wide and closes just as easily as you open it. 
  • Frameless: The first three window types all feature an exterior frame. This one, however, doesn’t. Frameless RV windows mostly open wide like awning windows, but they lack the characteristic frame. Instead, the glass is way tougher than most options on the market, so as to make way for the sleek, frameless look. 

      So which one should you choose? It depends! When comparing RV doors and windows, choosing the latter isn’t always as straightforward. Each single window type has its own advantages, which may or may not fit your current needs. So take a closer look at what you really need for your RV, and go from there. Is it an RV emergency exit window that you need? Do you want excellent ventilation? Do you want something cheap so you can save that money for other essentials? Or do you want something that looks really slick? The choice is yours.

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