rv emergency exit windowsThere’s a bunch of standard rules to keep your home safe, but with a moving house like an RV, it can get a little more complex. However, there are certain measures you can follow, especially if you have the whole family and kids living in an RV.

The great thing about living outdoors is that you don’t have to worry about your house. Greatly because you’ll be bringing it with you. But accidents can still happen inside a moving home so you shouldn’t take a blind eye on safety. For RVs, safety starts and ends in one part of the home: the RV emergency exit windows.

How to operate RV emergency exit windows 

The good news is that emergency exit windows have standard operations for all RV brands. An emergency can strike at the most inconvenient times, so it’s best to be prepared early.

Know where they are located

Also known as RV escape windows, they are typically located in the main area, and one in the bedroom. By identifying these locations, remember to take them into consideration when designing your interiors. It’s best to have easy access to these emergency exits.

Activate release mechanism

Once you’ve identified the windows, look for the red emergency lever or handle. To open it, activate the release mechanism to break the seal. With your hands, apply pressure and push it outward to open it fully.

Hop out

When an emergency strikes, the initial reaction is to hop out once the window is open. However, this can be dangerous if the window is too high from the ground. Check the ground’s distance from the window’s position and calculate your jump. 

If you’re living with kids, ask them to calculate their jump height so you’ll be able to adjust or add parts for their safety. As you exit, remember to jump feet-first.

Close it down

After doing a practice run with your kids, it’s important to get it back to its normal position. Closing it involves two people— one pushing it from the outside, and one sealing it back inside. Make sure to keep the release mechanism back in place.

Safety rules in using RV emergency exit windows

how to open rv emergency window from outsideEveryone should know how it works

Knowing how to operate them shouldn’t end with just one person in the family. Keep in mind that emergencies can strike unexpectedly, and whoever it is inside your RV should be knowledgeable about it. 

Among your kids, get the eldest or the most able one to practice opening it by himself. Your younger kids should also be observing these so they’d initially know how to help each other out. As simple as knowing where these windows are located can save your toddler’s life.

Do a practice run

You won’t fully grasp how a machine works if you don’t put it on a practice run. Safety precautions are an important thing, so don’t be afraid to get curious about them. As follows, everyone in the family should participate.

Move obstructions away

With a small space like an RV, it’s a challenge to design it in a way you’ll be able to maximize the use of every space. However, obstructions can hinder these functions. Move them away to keep emergency exit spaces accessible at all times.

Know how to open it from the outside

What if someone gets stuck inside? Or you got locked out? It’s important to also figure out a way to open it from the outside. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew it  and open your RV window from the outside. Just don’t forget to screw it back in place.

rv emergency exit window replacementReplace old RV emergency exit windows

It may be easy to just shrug it off, but think of it as a functional part of your RV. If you’ve purchased a second-hand RV, check these windows for damages. If you think these windows are too old, rusty, or damaged in any way, it’s best to go looking for an RV emergency exit windows replacement.

Windows provide safety for your RV, and an emergency exit window has to have the highest maintenance. You cannot afford a lever malfunction during an emergency.

Our experts at Peninsula Glass know how RV windows should operate and stay its best. That’s why we only provide the best-quality glass for you and your family’s safety. To make sure your RV emergency exit windows are in their best shape, ask our experts today and discover more helpful RV living hacks.