Whether you’re looking for an RV or you already own one, there are many upgrades that you can consider. But perhaps the most obvious ones are the windows. Of course, who would want an RV with bad windows? It defeats the purpose of the vehicle itself if you can’t enjoy the sights as you travel. 

Here’s one big choice you might have to make: framed vs frameless RV windows. People both swear by each RV window type, but which one should you go for? In this article, you will get a feeling on which one to consider. 

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Framed vs Frameless RV WindowsA Look At Frameless RV Windows 

Take a good hard look at a typical RV. From a basic standpoint, it doesn’t look like much, does it? Sure, you can install new wheels or give it a fresh coat of paint. But the visuals still don’t jump out as much. However, install frameless windows on it and it will give the RV a whole new look. 

There’s always something about frameless windows that make them stick out in a good way. In a very angular and boxy-looking RV, frameless windows give them a sleeker look. They make the vehicle look more streamlined. It smooths out the hard angles. The lack of frame on the glass is the biggest contributor to the visual appeal. It just looks so good no matter how you view it. 

Should You Go For It? 

If you want a window that keeps you cool, rain or shine, go for frameless. The visual upgrade it provides is a worthy bonus, in our opinion. Many RV owners swear by these windows because of the aesthetic.

There are concerns about the durability of frameless windows, though, because of their construction. They don’t have an inner frame; it’s all glass. So if you want RV window installation, be sure to get them from a reputable brand or contractor for peace of mind. Otherwise, going cheap means you get what you pay for: shattered glass at the slightest bump. 

frameless rv windows replacementFramed Windows And What They Can Give You

Let’s now take a look at framed windows. They’re the most basic window that a typical RV comes pre-installed with. They don’t look as good as frameless windows, but they have one thing that sets them apart. Framed windows can open wide and serve as awnings. 

When it comes to selecting the appropriate replacement windows for your RV, consider this scenario: you’re in the words, camping, and it’s raining. You open your window to create an awning. The rain hits it and you hear the pitter patter of raindrops. Refreshing, right? That’s the beauty of framed windows. They might not look as good, but they get the job done. And the frame they have contributes a ton to their durability. Meaning, they often last longer than their frameless counterparts. 

Should You Go For It? 

Between framed and frameless windows, the former tends to be a safer, longer-lasting alternative to the latter. This type of window just works without extra bells and whistles. It’s simple, direct, and can improve airflow so much because of their awning function. 

Framed windows are cheaper, too. Their simple structure adds to their stability and renders them cost-effective. You won’t have to shell out much replacing the vehicle window or buying them brand new. The money you save from the cheaper upfront cost can be used to buy another needed upgrade for your vehicle. 

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Both framed and frameless RV windows often come with UV tint. This again helps in keeping the interior cool, more so when driving in the scorching heat.

We can help you decide which of these products fit your requirements the most. Talk to us at Peninsula Glass for expert advice on RV window replacement.