Love cooking? You know you don’t have to give that up even if you’re living in a mobile home. We get that there’s a hundred kitchen items you want to stuff inside your RV’s kitchen, but with a limited space, you’ll have to carefully plan which of them you will really need. The key is purchasing the essentials so you don’t have to give up everything you love about your kitchen. If you’re an all-time kitchen-lover, these RV kitchen essentials are just what you need for your RV cooking and baking needs.

rv kitchen checklist1. Stackable cookware sets

Cookwares come in all shapes and sizes, but choose the ones that can easily be stacked depending on the size of your storage. Instead of buying one for each kind, buy them as a complete set. The beauty in buying in sets is that they can be stacked away in smaller spaces because they were made to fit each other in the package.

If you’re living with a small group, you can even choose camping cookware sets. These are stackable, foldable, and collapsible, which can be kept inside a small travelling bag. You can use them inside your RV’s kitchen, and at the same time you can bring them on every hiking trip in the mountains. 

2. Skillet Set

The best thing about skillets is they’re very versatile. You can have them in the stove as well as in the oven. There’s also hundreds of unique recipes you can cook in a skillet– steaks involved! 

Even though one skillet is workable, you can opt to buy a few more in different sizes. Don’t worry about storing them because like cookware sets, they can easily be stowed and hidden away inside your pantry cabinet.

rv kitchen appliances3. Immersion Blender

Blenders are great and compact machines to bring wherever– we mean, a smoothie everyday is key to healthy living, right? You’ll never have to crave for milkshakes again if you can do it inside your own roving home.

The thing about immersion blenders is that they work double– as a blender and as a food processor. We all know how food processors can help a lot in baking and cooking. With immersion blenders, you don’t have to choose between the two. Just don’t forget to clean them thoroughly after!

4. Collapsible Strainers and Measuring cups

Getting the right amount of your ingredients is crucial in cooking and baking. This is why you should keep measuring tools handy. Make them even handier by purchasing collapsible measuring cups and spoons. Storing them will be so much easier.

Like measuring cups and spoons, strainers have collapsible sets too. They’re useful for draining meat, veggie and pasta. Collapsible ones have different straining holes and sizes fit for your ingredients.

mason jar5. Mason Jars

Storage is always a luxury in small spaces. It can become more demanding when storing leftovers since your fridge should also be compact. With that, you can always turn to mason jars.

Mason jars occupy smaller spaces in your fridge, giving way to other food items. You can easily stack them up or sideways, without worrying about spills inside your fridge. They can also be repurposed into numerous ways– from plant holders to kitchen lamps. 

kitchen knives6. Knives with covers

Knives are one of the most dangerous items in the kitchen, especially if your house is constantly moving. One road bump can make these sharp objects flying everywhere. It’s a lot scarier when you’re living with a toddler. 

They definitely deserve to be part of your RV’s kitchen tools checklist, but you should store them carefully. Best if you can buy knives with covers on them so you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself in them while stored. 

7. Shatter-resistant dinnerware

Let go of your fancy china plates because you’re not going to need them in your kitchen, or anywhere in your RV. 

For your dinnerware, it is recommended to use shatter-resistant that comes in sets. Breakable plates and cups can never be a good option for moving homes like an RV.

When buying one, also make sure they’re BPA-free and are safe to use in microwave ovens so you don’t have to keep buying separates. 

rv kitchen essentials8. Wall racks

A great RV organization tip— walls make for a good storage place too. Fill your sink with dish racks for easy dinnerware storage. Add wine glass racks under your overhead cabinets for safe storing. 

Door cabinet racks are smart space-savers too. Aside from using the inside of your cabinet, you’ll have an extra space for items that are always in use.

9. Coffee maker

Who doesn’t want a coffee in hand while enjoying the sunrise on the beach or in the mountains? Always keep a nice cup of coffee with a compact coffee maker in your RV.

It’s also an RV kitchen essential especially for working RVers. As they say, you can never function well without coffee.

rv kitchen tools10. Portable grill

Sunday family barbecues are always something to look forward to. You definitely must have one stacked in your RV for every camping trip.

Grills come in either charcoal or propane– how would you know which one is the best for you? Though propane is the better option, you also have to consider your RV size. Most propane grills are bigger and can take up too much space in your RV. 

Ready to shop the best RV kitchen essentials? Remember to keep these in your shopping list. If you’re also shopping for other RV must-haves, this article might help: RV Living 101: 10 Must-Have Camper Van Accessories.

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