Trailers, campers and all RVs were made to appreciate the wonders of outdoor living. As an owner, making your RV more comfortable and functional while outside is a must so you’d feel at home anywhere you go.

Accessories for functionality and convenience are a must-have in all camper vans. But don’t hoard them all just yet because minimalism should also be considered to get the most out of your space. 

Still clueless on what to stock your RV? Check out these 10 camper accessories must-haves:

camper accessories must haves1. Solar panels

The campervan lifestyle gives you full control on where to spend the night or where to travel throughout the day. As follows, your electricity consumption must be able to keep up with it. 

Hours of travelling would make you use your ‘anti-boredom’ gadgets. Once you’ve reached your destination, cameras must be fully-powered so you can create memories out of the picturesque views. Lights, TV, the A/C all need power, and your generator can only produce as much. 

This is where investing in solar panels is highly recommended. You can enjoy the comforts of electricity while also letting your live the wonderful life outdoors. 

2. Quiet generator

Let’s face it, loud generators can be a nuisance in the middle of the night. This might also cause you trouble with other campers who wanted nothing but peace and quiet.

If buying a quiet one is out of the budget, you can get noise reduction accessories for your generator instead. It’s an easy fix that will only require you to shed a few dollars. Accessories like noise reduction boxes, mufflers and soundproof compartments can do the trick.

gps system3. GPS system

It’s okay to get lost in the wild, but to get really lost would be a real trouble. Since you’re always on the road, purchasing a GPS system for your camper is a must-have accessory.

While you can always count on your phone, investing in your own GPS system is more advisable for RVers as they follow the set of rules and laws more appropriate for RVs. 

Unlike normal GPS, RV GPS system can be programmed according to your RV’s size and weight so it can calculate the best routes for your type of vehicle. You don’t have to worry about low bridges or steep roads that are not RV-friendly.

first aid kit4. First-aid kits and safety gears

Safety first should always be observed in any mobile vehicle, especially in a moving home like an RV. Life outdoors poses a lot of dangers, so you should always travel prepared.

Water and non-perishable food are a no-brainer. First-aid kits are a must especially if you’re living in a camper with kids. Flashlights and emergency lights always come in handy. Make sure to pack warning triangles, tow straps, tire traction aid, and spare tires to prepare for anything that might happen on the road. Spare batteries and solar-powered charges can also save you from any sticky situation. 

5. Extra hoses

Water is very essential. Your water system is powered by hoses for filtration, sewage and bathroom water needs. These five essential hoses must be kept in tip top shape. 

Your water hose should have all the check-up it needs. It should be considered sacred among the others as it’s crucial to keep your drinking water clean. That’s why you also need to provide at least two garden extra garden hoses for your camper if ever it gets damaged in the middle of the trip.

6. Mobile Wifi Hotspot

If it’s the first accessory that came to your mind about camper living, well, you are absolutely right on that. Wifi is a must-have for campers, and for someone who’s always travelling, it might be a bit of a challenge.

Investing in a mobile hotspot is recommended especially if you also work while you travel. Your phone won’t be able to handle it all. A standalone mobile hotspot can keep you out of that trouble. 

walkie talkie7. Communication System

Other than mobile phones, walkie talkies and other communication systems are another must-have camper van accessories if you’re living the nomad life. 

For families who travel, having a reliable communication system is the best way to keep your children and others in check. This also saves you from signal hassles in remote areas.

9. Auto Sewer Flush Valve

Your sewage wastes must be flushed out of your RV as soon as possible. You shouldn’t go around carrying that load everywhere you go.

An auto sewer flush valve gives you a quicker and easier way to flush, drain and refill your sewage tanks.

camper must haves10. Stable windows and accessories

Windows and doors are passageways in and out of your RV. Though they come with the whole camper van package, you should be able to customize it based on how you’re going to use it.

Your windows and window glass must be properly inspected and checked. Levers on emergency exit windows must be working properly. RV window coverings should also be attached and get detached properly and should be kept out of children’s reach. Tints, seals and safety glass for windows must be considered.

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