Small space– the biggest challenge for anyone who’s living the ‘van life’. However, there’s still a chance to work things out by making the most out of your RV home’s spaces. Aside from spaces, nooks and crannies needing to be functional at all times, you should also give room for aesthetics. Organization is one little thing that’s too big to handle for limited spaces like an RV. So we’re giving you these RV organization ideas and accessories that can help you out.

rv organization ideas1. Use wall spaces for decor and storage

An empty wall can deal with a lot of hang-ons. Empty kitchen walls? Hang extra cabinets, knife holders, and hooks for your pots and pans. Clear bathroom walls? Install a medicine cabinet, toothbrush holders, shelves or extra baskets for your towels. 

Make sure to make them aesthetically pleasing by painting on them, or arranging them decoratively. Keep things well-organized and not too cluttered – don’t hang too many items in one hook! 

2. Doors make good rack holders

The great thing about doors is that you can use both sides. Hanging racks add up storage space necessary for each room. And we’re not just talking about the big doors. Cabinet and refrigerator doors work wonders for this hack.

For cabinets, attach hooks at the inner side of the door where you can hang a rack for small cleaning items, light utensils or pots and pans. Magnetic hooks can do well with refrigerator doors. You can either hang a rack for added storage, or attach hooks for frequently used items like can openers or oven mitts.

rv space saving ideas3. Fold your clothes and tuck them in

Closet space can be unattainable for small RV spaces, so you have to fold your clothes and pile them neatly inside a drawer. Drawers are more practical as they can be hidden under a functional furniture like a bed or a chair. Folding clothes will not only save you space but also save your budget for hangers.

4. Under table pull-outs keep mess at bay

Tables in RV spaces are mostly used in too many different functions. To some, the dining table is also used as a study table and a work table. That’s why you need to level it up a bit so it can adjust well with its many functions.

Pull-out drawers can do a lot in organizing your table clutter in an RV. Install pull-outs in dining or study tables so you can easily clear it off for the next use.

5. Try file folders for your pantry

File folders keep office files organized, but it can do a lot to your pantry too. The thing is, cabinets can easily turn into a clutter nightmare as items tend to be stacked in a pile of mess. 

With file folders doing their jobs inside your pantry cabinet, you can easily clear out clutter and store your pantry items properly. 

6. Hang your waste basket

Waste baskets should be kept hidden and safely anchored so it won’t tumble when your RV is in motion. You don’t want your RV smelling like trash. That’s why hanging your waste basket at the inside of an under sink cabinet is one RV space saving idea that works wonders. It keeps your trash out of sight, while making sure it’s completely immovable.

rv organization tips7. Foldable wall tables gets you more space

When you have limited space, it’s important to think about furniture that can be stowed away when not in use. Another famous RV space saving idea is using foldable wall tables that can act as extra storage for small camper accessories and that can be mounted up when you need more space.

Make it look more appealing by painting or putting a framed photo on the mounted side so it can easily disguise as a wall painting when not in use. 

8. Customize your benches

RV organization ideas run freely when you customize it. Camper van furniture should always perform two functions at once. When benches take up space for comfortable seating, they should also be used for additional storage.

Dinettes are recommended for dining seating. However, make the most out of them by adding extra drawers on all possible sides of its benches – a simple hack that saves you a lot of storage space.

9. Keep your fruits and veggies comfy

We get that most refrigerators are compact inside an RV. Too compact that it cannot accommodate all food inside. For fruits and veggies that are better off outside the fridge, you have to make spaces for them too.

Keep your fruits and veggies well-rested and fresh by hanging them up in a small hammock. Hook this hammock below your top shelf kitchen cabinet and to keep their freshness in check.

rv organization accessories10. Have a bedside caddy as a nightstand

A nightstand is one of those pieces of furniture you have to give up once you start living the RV van life. But you can’t really say goodbye to something so functional as that! 

Instead of a roomy nightstand, why don’t you have a bedside caddy hanging on your bedside. This RV organization accessory holds things like phones, books, glasses, and small lights as properly as a nightstand, with less space involved.

11. Keep windows unobstructed

This may not seem like an explicit RV organizing tip, but it surely helps in making your space look bigger inside. Small RV spaces needed unobstructed windows so it’s well-lit and well-ventilated inside. Clutter should all be kept hidden, away from the view of the beautiful sceneries outside your windows.

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