Have your RV windows become fogged and difficult to see out of? You may think of a fogged RV window as nothing but a slight nuisance, especially if it hasn’t affected your ability to drive. However, RV windows that have become cloudy from moisture are a serious problem that can threaten your safety.

Here are some of the most common causes of this problem.

What causes a fogged RV window?

RV fogged window1. Broken seal

A rubber seal keeps moisture from seeping between the two panes of glass that make up your RV window. This sealant can erode, crack, or break with normal wear and tear. It is especially vulnerable to the vibration of your vehicle and to improper drainage that can leave it soaked in water for long periods.


2. Sun exposure

The rubber sealant around your RV window can deteriorate from exposure to the sun. Direct sunlight causes the glass window panes to expand while cool night air causes them to contract. The constant expanding and contracting eventually weakens the seal, allowing moisture to seep inside the window and making it foggy.

3. Oversaturated spacer

The air space between the dual glass panes in your RV window also contains a desiccant to absorb moisture. When the desiccant becomes over-saturated, it can no longer absorb water droplets. When this happens, moisture builds up between the panes of glass and clouds up your window.

4. Excessive humidity

A fogged RV window can also be caused by warm, moist air coming from inside your RV. To prevent this, run a dehumidifier, open vents, run a fan to increase airflow, or use moisture absorbents throughout the RV.

Now that you know what causes a cloudy RV window, your next step is getting it fixed. Need help with a fogged RV window repair? Give us a call! And if you’re living in an RV in the winter, don’t forget to utilize these RV living hacks to ensure your comfort and safety.