rv foggy window repairDo you have a foggy dual pane or fogged window on your recreational vehicle? You do not need to worry much as these are normal repairs that you would have to take care of like an RV owner.

It might be difficult to spot a foggy window so you might want to take the RV out for inspection or get someone to come to check it out to help ascertain the conditions of the window.

What you want to look out for is any discoloration on the windows that can make visibility difficult. You should be able to spot discoloration clearly under the sunlight.

Once you have identified the windows with a problem, you would need to detach them and take them for a fogged RV window repair. You might want to get help if you can’t do this on your own to prevent the graphics and paint from damage.

Repairing a Fogged Window

Once you have taken out the window, you would need to protect the rig from dust and insects by placing a coat outside the window while the window is been repaired. This coat could either be a polythene material or fabric that helps to keep the inside of the vehicle cool.

At the shop, the glass is removed from the frame and separated to be able to clean and removed damaged seals. The cleaning is done with special chemicals which help to improve the look of the glass.

After the discoloration has been taken care of, the window is replaced and seals are used to fasten it back to frame before putting them back on the vehicle when they are ready.

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