van life essentialsIt can be easy to get lost in the excitement of switching to living in a van. One can’t deny that this lifestyle does have a certain allure. But do not lose yourself in that excitement, because you might forget the most critical van life essentials to bring with you! 

However, not all these van life must-haves are actually important. Most of them are a little useless, to be honest. So in this guide, we’re going to “trim the fat.” Read on to know which ones you should really bring onto your van so you can save your money for truly important things. 

You already know about the most obvious things like clothes, food storage, and travel/navigation gadgets. But here are the things you really have to worry about. So read on and be a smarter van lifer from here on out!

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Water Storage Options

You have two types of water storage to worry about: drinkable water and water for cleaning/washing. First, let’s look at drinkable water essentials. You’re going to be on the road now, so you’ll have little to no access to soda, juice, and other types of drinks. So to keep yourself refreshed, go for hydro flasks to keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. 

The thing is, hydro flasks are a bit bulky. They’re also quite expensive, more so if you want a large capacity storage. For a replacement, you can go with the likes of dromedary bags to store extra water, be it for cleaning/washing or drinking. You have an option to go for a bigger bag to stash water in the van, and smaller ones for when you want to go trekking and can’t be bothered to bring the hydro flasks with you. 

Lastly, one of the most critical van life essentials is a water filter. Because what use is all the water you store if you can’t keep them clean? This not only applies to drinking water, but also the water you need for washing. You wouldn’t take a bath with dirty water now, would you? Fortunately, a water filter isn’t too expensive. There are options to go for portable filters that you can operate with one hand, or larger-sized ones with a lot more filtration capability. 

rv kitchen essentialsOutdoor Cookware

Cookware and utensils intended for outdoor use are lighter, more durable, and smaller than their typical in-home counterparts. But they’re not all built the same way. So don’t get the cheapest set you can find because they will not last you long. Not when you intend to use them outdoors. 

As much as possible, buy a cookware set featuring extremely durable materials that are also easy to clean. You can also do with those that can fold away or have removable handles so you can store them without taking too much space in your van. Try avoiding materials such as stainless steel where food can get stuck and make cleaning an awful chore. But if it does still happen, go for a pot scrubber to remove any stain that’s tough to get off.

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Safety & Security Measures

Moving to a life on the road, it’s safe to assume that you’ve already downsized when it comes to your possession. You’ve gotten rid of most of the things that you don’t really need. But now, all you have left are quite important. And you would not want to lose those. 

van life must havesWhere are we going with this? Simple. Security is still one of your biggest concerns. You still have to protect your now-mobile home from burglars, as well as yourself from harm.

In certain situations, your insurance policy can even cost less just from shoring up your camper’s security. 

Aside from removing any tempting things from view, you should invest in things such as alarms, surveillance cameras, a safe for your most precious valuables, and sturdier locks. More than ever, you also need a first aid kit, walkie-talkies and other survival kit must-haves. As they always say, it’s better safe than sorry. 

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These are the most obvious van life essentials to take note of. But there is something that a lot of people tend to miss out on: more durable van windows. You have an option for panes that will withstand blows from anything–even burglars. And that’s something we can help you with at Peninsula Glass!