Lighting is considered a vital part in any interior design. When it comes to limited spaces like an RV, it should work to boost every room’s function as well.

As such, all RV lighting ideas should be given a lot of consideration. You should look into the number of people travelling or residing there, the places you always go to, and what rooms are the most important. 

To help you better on that, here’s what you must know before choosing your light fixtures:

rv lighting ideasIdentify your lights

RVs have compact spaces, but they still differ in size and shapes. If you’ll be installing light, check each and every part of your RV and identify the parts that needed lights. 

From this, you can formulate what types of light you’ll need to buy, how many and which should have the most functional lighting.

Know what color should it be

Different rooms, nooks and spaces inside your RV have different functions. There are rooms that need very bright lights, and rooms that are meant for soft yellow lighting. 

Don’t have a clue what they are? These are the different RV lighting colors  you can choose from:

1. Natural

With natural light, your RV interiors will look like it’s sunlit. It has a very light feel to it. We wrote a quick guide to RV window coverings, so you can maximize natural light inside your vehicle.

2. Warm

Soft hues and yellow undertones is what characterizes the warm light color. It’s mostly used in home interiors and will add drama to any interior.

3. Cool

Cool light color is the brightest and will appear as white. This is mostly used in highly functional areas like the kitchen, the bathroom and office.

rv lightsMake sure it’s quality 

No one who chooses quality has ever failed. When talking about RV lighting ideas, you should seek top quality ones. After all, you don’t want your lights to go off while in the middle of travel or camping.

Check out its durability, bulb wattage, and ask how long it usually stays functional. See if it also has features like corrosion-resistance, heat-resistance. Choosing quality may be a little expensive, but it’s always worth it.

To guide you better, here are RV lighting ideas for you:

1. The Ceiling Light

Functional rooms like the kitchen, the bathroom and your work area should have a light that’s equal to it- try the Double Incandescent. This light is extra functional for your RV. They come with two LED bulbs, optic lenses for better illumination and a convenient on/off switch.

It’s a functional model, but can still be a stylish piece based on how you install it. Replacing bulbs will also be easy with squeeze-to-remove lenses.

2. The Dinette Light

The dining area should be functional as well as dramatic. A good dinette light should make food more appetizing when served on the table. For RVs, this may come in these types:

3. Under Cabinet or Dome Light

This type of light can either be installed atop your dining table, or under the cabinet, hence, the name. It’s dome-shaped and usually comes in LED. 

4. Two-Bulb or Three-Bulb Dinette Light

Adding a little flair to your dinette can accentuate your dining kitchen more. Try these using two-bulb or three-bulb dinette light for that extra illumination and style.

5. Pendant Light

Mostly found in home lighting interiors, pendant lights can also be inside a moving home like your RV. Just make sure they are installed properly, and pick the ones that don’t move sideways. Pendant lights come in twos or threes for better illumination.

6. Chandelier

There’s no reason to stop yourself if you’re a big fan of chandeliers– they can also work in moving homes! Chandeliers can make your dinette look fancier, and adds drama to a plain table setting. Just pick the ones that are sturdier, and make sure it doesn’t sway on movement.

camper lighting7. The Wall Light

Wall lighting may be optional, but can boost your RV lighting techniques. For walls that you want to accentuate in your design, or spaces where a vanity mirror is located, wall lights can serve a good purpose.

The best RV lighting idea for your wall is the Pin Up Light. There are a lot of these types so pick one that suits your interior’s style. Just make sure to install them where you need them. Not all RVs have enough spaces for mounted-on-wall lights, but with smart interior spaces, you can surely add a little room for it.

Lighting makes or breaks your interior design and functionality. RV lighting can be a tad more challenging as limitation in space is also put into consideration. But if you want to work on your RV’s natural lighting, you should also invest in the best windows.

Peninsula Glass gives you a lot of options for your RV window needs. Send us an inquiry or contact us now so we can help you choose the right window for you.