rv cleaning tipsThe ‘van life’ may have its shares of the best things, but one thing you should keep in mind is the responsibilities it entails. Your RV will be needing weekly, monthly and annual cleaning to maintain its tip top shape.

Like an ordinary house, cleaning is always a given in the interiors. With campers though, the outside needs the same upkeep. How and when you should be cleaning it depends on different factors. Find out what are these factors here with these RV cleaning tips.

1. Clean from the top down

Whether you’re cleaning the interior or the exterior of your camper, it’s best to do it from the top down. It’s pretty simple, cleaning the roof first means dirt will come down to the sides, and down to other areas. If you’ve already done your sides, it’s an extra job to clean it again.

Same with the RV’s interiors. You don’t want to go vacuuming all the dirt away with undusted top shelves. Dust always settles to the bottom, hence it should be the last part to clean in your list.

camper cleaning tips2. Remove dirt from the awning

The awning filters most of the dirt from outside. Clean your RV’s awning by using warm, soapy water, and wipe off dirt from the fabric and frame of your awning. Never use bleach or other harmful chemicals not suitable for the awning’s fabric.

You can brush the remaining dirt off using soft-bristled brush. Don’t scrub it too hard as it may damage the material of your awning. Let the soap do the extra work, and when a stubborn dirt won’t come off, take time to scrub it gently, or use a stronger soap in that specific area.

Allow it to air dry after cleaning, so pick a day of cleaning. It should be sunny and windy outside so the awning can dry off naturally. 

3. Take off black streaks

Those annoying black streaks are every RV owner’s problem. It can be a bird dropping, grime, mildew, or anything that gets wet and stuck to your camper’s exteriors. 

First, the best cleaner does the trick. Find a cleaner specifically for removing black streaks. Spray it off to the areas with black streaks and use a soft-bristled brush to remove any stubborn stain. 

4. Properly clean your RV windows

Your RV windows have the same chances of getting dirt from the elements outside. Clean off windows from both the inside and outside. It’s a two-way vision so both sides must be cleared from any form of dirt.

Use a squeegee to easily remove the dirt off. Don’t forget the seals as they are mostly made of rubber that can easily accumulate dirt. The best cleaner is the one that not only cleans, but also moisturizes the rubber so it can last longer.

rv dumping station5. Empty your tanks

Nasty smell from your black and gray tank may not affect the look of your RV, but it will definitely take a toll on your health. 

Flush and dump your tanks on dumping stations as regularly as you came across one. You don’t want the smell to linger long on your camper. Always have rubber gloves, hose and a bucket inside the van ready.

6. Veer away from mold and mildew

Mold and mildew accumulate inside because of condensation. To beat them, prevent condensation from happening in your RV’s interiors. 

To prevent this from happening, you can run your A/C on humid conditions, opening up doors and windows whenever possible, and installing moisture-absorbing items inside your storage. 

Sometimes, improper installation or damaged windows is the culprit. Always see to it that your camper windows have seals working properly and the RV glass is free from breaks and damages.

7. Clean your RV’s upholstery

How to clean your RV’s upholstery depends on the materials of your RV. Most of the upholstery can be cleaned using simple ingredients from your kitchen. 

For cleaning the cushions, remove the covering and wash it with soap and water as you do with your laundry. For the foam, sprinkle baking soda and let them out to dry in the sun for proper clean. After this, put a vinegar and water mixture on a spray bottle and start spraying it on all sides. Let it out to dry again after.

How you keep your RV clean is essential for its longevity. For owners who have embraced the full-time RVing, schedule these chores down on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Check this article on RV maintenance checklist.

Windows are important RV parts that also need proper maintenance. However if it’s broken beyond repair, never think twice about replacing them instantly.

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