what is a class a motorhomeA class A motorhome is essentially the pinnacle of motorhome selections. Otherwise known as the “king” of motorhomes, a Class A is often the biggest, most luxurious vehicle out of any motorhome fleet. And as such, it does command a rather hefty premium. But what is a class A motorhome exactly, and why would you want to get one? 

In this article, you will learn what makes a class A motorhome worth purchasing, including its features, amenities, and almost every bell and whistle. So read on and learn something new! 

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The Basics of Class A Motorhome

The Class A is the largest and most spacious out of all motorhomes. It’s actually big enough to look like a rock star’s tour bus. And you will actually feel like a rock star driving down the country in a Class A motorhome due to its luxurious nature. It has almost every perk and amenity a typical home has, like a washer, full-size fridge, an entertainment center, and even a king-size bed! With all of these perks, a Class A is technically a full-fledged home on wheels. 

The most obvious thing about a Class A is its size. You can find vehicles ranging in size from 21 feet to a whopping 45 feet long. Imagine how many people you could fit in a 45-foot-long vehicle! There’s also an option for a gas or a diesel model, so be on the lookout for that as well. And as such, with all these perks comes at a premium price tag. Expect to pay at least $50,000 on the low end, to a massive $500,000 depending on which brand and trim you choose. 

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Buying Considerations

Before you go to the nearest class A RV dealer, however, you need to consider several important factors. Here are some of the most urgent. 

To tow or not to tow? 

You have a choice between buying a towable or motorized RV. Here’s a rule of thumb: towable travel trailers are cheaper. But if you want to go all out and buy a motorized vehicle, here’s what you should keep an eye on: 

    • You don’t already own a tow vehicle. Towable trailers might be cheaper than a motorhome, but factoring in the cost of a truck will make the price skyrocket. And there’s also a chance that you may not be privy to the idea of having to maintain two separate rigs at once. (Related: Ultimate Travel Trailer and RV Maintenance Checklist)
    • A motorized RV is easier to set up. RV owners often pull into campsites late at night, which means they’ll often have to set things up really fast. A motorized RV can make backing into a campsite, leveling, and stabilizing the entire rig as easy as the push of a button.
  • A motorized RV is more comfortable on a long road trip. When it comes to class A motorhomes, it’s all about the space. What is a class A motorhome without all the room to stretch your legs out anyway? Comfort is at the forefront of a class A’s design, and you have to be in it to know what it feels like. 

what is a class a rvSafety Concerns

Of course, class A motorhomes aren’t always perfect. Some of the concerns that come with a class A motorhome are that the cabins can weigh too much for the chassis to support them. There could also be a lack of a steel bar in certain models, which could act as a bumper to protect the vehicle and its riders when colliding at low speed. 

Some units can even leave the factory with a weight almost to capacity, which can cause poor road stability. All of these problems can stem from the vehicle’s size. So when thinking about a class A RV, take these into consideration. 

When asking what is a class A motorhome, you should also ask if the vehicle itself fits your needs and wants. They’re big investments, after all! Just be sure to do your research, keep an eye out for deals, and you won’t run into too much trouble.