Converting your vehicle to a camper can easily burn your money. It’s not rare to hear Ford Transit camper conversions ranging from $50,000 to $100,000. If you are looking for a way to decrease your spending, here are some efficient but affordable upgrades for your camper:


1. Insulation

Insulation is very important if you’re converting a Ford Transit to a campervan. It is best to use different insulation materials that are suitable on different surfaces. The combination made by most DIY-ers includes rigid foam boards for the walls, ceiling, and floor, Reflectix for your Ford Transit conversion windows and spray foam to stuff gaps and cracks. 

These materials are relatively affordable and provide efficient insulation. Using the cheapest variations, you can insulate your whole van for as low as $100 to $150. You can also opt for a more durable and heat resistant rigid board foam variants for an additional expense of at least $100.

ford transit camper conversions


2. Solar & Electrical Systems

If you’re planning to stay off-grid for long, a stable source of electricity is indispensable. Solar panels are a staple not only if you’re converting a ford transit to a campervan, but in most van conversions. A 400-watt solar panel kit with price ranging from $600 to $800 dollars is enough to power a typical camper with an induction stove, mini-fridge, lights and several outlets four your gadgets.

To complete your electrical system, you would also need an inverter, batteries, and other miscellaneous items such as wires and sockets which will cost you another $600 to $900.

3. Water System

Some people are contented with storing their water on containers and pouring them out when needed. However, if you have a few extra money, why not upgrade your water system to a new level. 

A complete water system with a sink, fresh and grey water tanks, and an electric pump for the faucet can easily cost you more than a thousand bucks. However, there are more affordable and less complex options—manual water pumps such as hand pumps and foot pumps.

4. Beddings 

You wouldn’t want your bed to be as uncomfortable as your car seats. There are a lot of options for foldable beds you can utilize with the limited space of your van. If your bed design is quite unique and no standard-size mattress can fit it perfectly, you can try to cut your own mattress. 

Memory form mattresses are affordable options you can get for more or less $100 for a twin size. It is also very easy to cut and shape by yourself whether you want to make a convertible bed bench or you just want to fit it above your platform bed with underneath storage.

5. Heating & Cooling

If you don’t want to freeze in the cold winter or endure too much heat with just a fan and insulation in the summer. You should invest in a decent heating and cooling system for your Ford Transit camper conversion. Suitable air-conditioning units with both heating and cooling can cost around $800.

There are also more affordable alternatives. For heating, you can use hot water bottles, electric blanket or indoor-safe propane heaters. For cooling, installing a vent fan on the roof is a big help in keeping your van cool and with better air circulation.

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Whether you are planning to live on your camper permanently or just want to use it for weekend-long trips, you would need these essentials to make it livable and comfortable. Or else, it is better to stay on a typical stationary house.