Like most RVers, you are always looking for ways to make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable. One way to do this is by upgrading your RV’s windows. Square RV windows offer several benefits that can improve your travel experience.

One of the most important aspects of any RV is its windows. Not only do they provide much-needed ventilation and natural light, but they also play a significant role in the overall aesthetics of your rig. So if you’re still rockin’ the old, rectangular RV windows, it might be time to upgrade to square RV windows.

Here are just a few of the benefits that come with making the switch:

1. It Provides Better Ventilationsquare RV windows

Square RV windows typically have more surface area than round or oval windows. This means more air can flow through them, which is ideal for ventilation. They can also be placed in different positions.

You can open square RV windows for maximum airflow or crack them open just a bit to let in the fresh air.

2. It has Wider Opening

You can open the square windows more expansive than rectangular ones, which gives you even more control over the airflow in your RV.

Whether trying to keep your RV cool in the summer or warm in the winter, having more control over the airflow is always a good thing. With square RV windows, you can open them more comprehensively than rectangular ones, which gives you even more control over the temperature inside your rig.

3. It offers Better Viewing

Another great benefit of square RV windows is that they…provide a better view. When you’re driving down the open road, you want to be able to take in the scenery around you. With rectangular RV windows, you’re stuck with narrow views that can make it hard to enjoy the scenery.

Square RV windows give you a much wider field of view, so you can take in all the beauty surrounding you.

4. It is Easier to Clean

Let’s face it, cleaning RV windows can be a pain. But square RV windows are much easier to clean than their rectangular counterparts. In addition, you can easily reach all the nooks and crannies with square RV windows, ensuring your windows are always sparkling clean.

5. The Square RV windows look better

If you’re looking for a way to give your RV a fresh, new look, then upgrading to square RV windows is a great way to do it. Square windows add a touch of modern style to any rig and can help give your RV a whole new look.

6. It is More aerodynamic

They’re more aerodynamic, so the square windows can help improve your RV’s fuel efficiency. Square RV windows are more aerodynamic because they cause less drag. That means that your RV will be able to move through the air more efficiently, leading to better fuel efficiency.

In addition, square windows are less likely to leak air than curved windows. So, you’ll be able to keep your RV more comfortable in all kinds of weather.

So, if you’re considering upgrading your RV windows, square RV windows are the way to go. They’re the perfect choice for any RV owner with their many benefits. So, give them a try on your next road trip and see how much better they are than rectangular RV windows.

Things to consider when installing square RV windows

The installation of square RV windows is a popular option for many RVers. However, there are a few things to consider before installing them.

Here are three things to keep in mind when considering the installation of square RV windows:

1. Square RV windows can be more challenging to seal than round ones. This is because there are more corners and edges on a square window, making it challenging to get a good seal. Make sure you consider this when choosing to install square RV windows.

2. Square RV windows can let in more light than round ones. This is great if you want more natural light in your RV, but keep in mind that it can also make the inside of your RV warmer during the day.

3. Square RV windows can give your RV a more modern look. If you want your RV to have a more contemporary feel, installing square RV windows is a great option.

Keep these things in mind when deciding whether or not to install square RV windows in your RV. Then, weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for you and your RV.

Things to Consider When buying square RV windows

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind when shopping for square RV windows.

1. The Size of the window

Decide what size window you need. Square RV windows come in various sizes, so measuring the space where you plan to install the window before making your purchase is essential.

2. The Materials

Consider the material the window is made from. Square RV windows are typically made from either acrylic or glass. Acrylic windows are a more budget-friendly option, but they’re not as durable as glass windows. Glass windows may be more expensive, but they’ll last longer and provide a clear view.

3. The Installation

Think about how you will install the window. Some square RV windows are designed to be installed from the inside, while others you can install from the outside. Make sure you know the installation requirements before making your purchase.

4. Price

Of course, you’ll also want to consider the price of the window. Square RV windows can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Therefore, it’s essential to set a budget for your window purchase and find a window that fits within that budget.

5. The type of glass made of

If you choose a glass window, you’ll also need to decide what type of glass you want.

There are three main types of glass used in RV windows: tempered glass, laminated glass, and plate glass.

  • Tempered Glass is the most potent option and is less likely to break than the other two types of glass.
  • Laminated glass is a good choice if you’re looking for an energy-efficient window, as it helps to keep heat in and cold out.
  • Plate glass is the most common type used in RV windows, but it’s also the least durable.

6. Choose the right supplier

There are different suppliers of RV windows that you can visit. But you need to select the one with a reputation for providing the best quality of RV windows and has been in the industry for years, like Peninsula Glass.

Peninsula Glass has a team of experts with years of collective experience. They sure know what type of window and glass you should take. Additionally, the company also customizes.

So, if you have a specific size and style for your RV window, you provide your requirements, and they’ll take care of it. Then, you’ll have it ready to install.

Contact Peninsula Glass today for your square RV Windows.