Reuse Old Sprinter Van WindowsReplacing your Sprinter van windows? Don’t throw the old ones away! If the windows aren’t foggy, heavily scratched, or cracked, you can use them in your other vehicles or even in your home, greenhouse, or garage. 

If you have old but fully functional Sprinter van windows, you can:

Build Another Camper

Working on a DIY camper? Use your old Sprinter van windows.

To install windows into the camper van, you’ll need to cut a hole into the side of the vehicle. The best way to make sure the cutout perfectly matches the Sprinter windows is to draw a template using the window frame and some cardboard. Remember to account for a small gap (about 1/8 inch) between the window frame and the opening you’re cutting into the side of the camper.

Mark the window opening on the outside of the vehicle using the template and permanent marker. Once the window opening has been drawn or marked with tape, use a drill to make holes on the inner corners of the outline. Using the drill holes and the outline as guides, cut out the window opening with a jigsaw.

Coat the edges of the opening with anti-rust solution. Fit the old Sprinter window into the opening and attach it with screws. Seal the edges with silicone sealant.

Recycling Sprinter Van Windows

If your old Sprinter van windows are too cloudy, etched, or damaged to be useful, recycle them. Ask your local RV dealership if they have an auto glass recycling program. Recycled auto glass is used to make things like vases, household surfaces, plates, bowls, bottles, and other items.