maintain ford transit conversion windowsJust like the windows in your home, your Ford Transit conversion windows also need regular maintenance. You’ll want your van’s windows to be clean, clear, and well-sealed so that you’ll always have a comfortable drive. Follow these simple cleaning tips to keep your Ford Transit windows spotless.

1. Use silicone sealant

The rubber sealant around RV windows can break down, causing water damage and mold growth. To prevent this, keep your Ford Transit conversion windows watertight by applying silicone sealant around the edges. The sealant will block any holes or crevices and keep water from getting inside the RV and from causing damage to the frame of the window and other parts of your vehicle.

2. Use streak-free glass cleaner

Use a 50/50 mix of distilled vinegar and tap water as a residue-free glass cleaning solution. If your van windows are extra dirty, wash them with soapy water before spraying the vinegar-water solution and wiping clean with newspapers or soft cloths.

3. Avoid foggy Ford Transit conversion windows

Keep your windows from getting cloudy by checking the sealant frequently. Have a window repair company check your van windows once you see signs of moisture or cloudiness.

4. Don’t clean your windows on a sunny day

When you clean your windows outside on a bright, sunlit day, your glass cleaning solution will quickly evaporate from the heat. This will lead to unsightly streaks and water spots on your windows. Instead of washing your Ford Transit conversion windows when it’s sunny, clean them on a cloudy day, in the evening, or when your vehicle is parked in the shade.