install ford transit van windowsThe Ford Transit is one of the most popular vans in the market and this means that finding a replacement part from the manufacturer wouldn’t be much of a problem especially if your Ford Transit is a new model. You can install a window on the passenger side of the van.

Preferably on the sliding door as this would help to increase the flow of air and light inside the van. When looking to install aftermarket windows on your Ford Transit, it is best you opt for motion windows since they are fairly priced and designed to look sleek.

To install the Ford Transit conversion windows, you would first need to create a template using cardboard. This can be done with the help of the clamp on the window.

Installing Conversion Windows on Ford Transit

Once you have marked the area where you want to install a window, you would need to cut the through with the aid of a jigsaw. There are a lot of tutorial videos online with steps on how to do this. But you can always get professional help if you feel it is too much for you to handle.

Once the window opening has been successfully carved out, you would need to smooth down the edges of the window with a file to even the edges and remove any underlying particles. Making a replacement isn’t a one-man job and you would need someone to help you out with lifting and holding the window in place.